Vine Restaurant

This is my first time to write a review about a new restaurant but I really should, cause after what I saw and tasted I’m speechless. I was invited by Lulwa and Mohammed to a special thanksgiving dinner in this new Vine Restaurant in Bneid Elgarr. It didn’t open yet and they will have a soft opening after a week. We arrived to the place quite easily as it’s right behind Flex Family off 30 motorway. The atmosphere is quite cozy and you feel like it’s your place with a nice outside area suitable for that awesome weather. Of course they showered us with all their deliciousness and we tried everything on the menu, lucky us. To begin with, they offered us several kinds of water with fresh fruits like pomegranate and lime and mint. Then comes three kinds of salads followed by hummos with different flavors not just the regular known one. They have one with pomegranate and another with soya beans. Oh forgot to mention the fresh hot baked yummy all sorts of bread (anise, pistachio, sesame, black seeds and rose water). And it was time for the appetizers and we found all sorts of kebba (meat, chicken and pumpkin). I was already full and saw lobsters coming in with the lovely orange colour and seasoned perfectly. I’m not really a seafood lover but had to taste it as the look of it was excellent and so was the taste. Then and after all this perfect tour of their dishes, the main one has arrived; the Turkey. Oh my God, how can I describe the taste of it and the look and texture and the perfect cut, yes it was already cut into generous pieces so that you can simply grab your bite. Speaking of turkey, there must be gravy to go with it and yes of course there was the most delicious gravy which I added on the turkey as well as the sautéed veggies. I was full, satisfied, happy and can’t breathe but dessert was presented and couldn’t be resisted. There were two kinds of sweets, othmanliya and jazzaria with nice light cream, it was really light and fluffy that I could eat them both after all this festive. Words can’t describe how much we had fun and enjoyed every dish and side dish they have. Can’t wait for their official opening cause this will be our weekly hangout place for us and our friends. I already felt I was at home.











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