Eventful weekend

Tomorrow is Thursday and the fun will begin. This weekend is full of events in Kuwait. First of all I’m going to a soft opening of Vine Restaurant in Bneid Egar. My friend Lulwa invited me and our friends to taste their food and the chef will make us a special turkey as celebration of Thanksgiving for our American friends. We r going tomorrow at 7 for dinner, can’t wait. As for Friday, there is the Annual holiday bazaar in Salwa Al Sabah Hall next to Marina Hotel. Three of my friends are participating and I will be there with them of course. I love exhibitions and used to go with them in this annual bazaar but unfortunately I’m not this year, just going as a visitor. After that we have another kind of exhibition on Saturday which is Qout Market (farmers exhibition) at Arraya, roof top parking all day. Lulu is participating there and she will introduce their menu for Vine Restaurant. I feel that it is my project too, don’t know why but I feel that this will be our place to hang out always. Well, hope to see u all there in both exhibitions. I wish my friends Good Luck.


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