Mel’s birthday

My dear friend Melissa’s birthday is right around the corner. So I thought of throwing her a surprise party and created a group on Whatsapp to organize everything with all common friends. What we are doing is a dancing party for only ladies and agreed with a lady DJ to play the hit songs. We also planned for some games. Still deciding upon the cake, decorations and songs. Have a lot to do and there are only three days left. The food is devided among us all. The place was chosen to be at Amal and Ghadeer’s parents house cause they have a big reception area and kind of separate from the house itself, so we will be having our privacy and go crazy. It’s a night that I’m looking forward to and we all have one thing in common; loving Mel. I contacted some of her friends whom I don’t know, and they also gave me phone numbers of other friends of her. So the circle is getting bigger and this what will make it the merrier inshallah. Happy birthday Mel.


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