After the holiday

So our 9 days holiday is over. We went out every single day for either lunch or dinner and we went to the cinema and had friends over for lunch one day and over the weekend we went to Rimal hotel and resort. This was really exciting cause the kids needed a change and the best thing for them was swimming. I also enjoyed walking by the beach especially at night and touching the sand with my bare foot and just splashing into the sea with the cold breeze of the night. I had my friend Amal and her husband with us. We had two connected rooms and almost spent all day with each other. We checked out Saturday noon and headed to our home in Salwa not knowing what is ahead of us. We were all exhausted and full and couldn’t even have lunch as we have eaten for a full year ahead 😀.
We just chilled in the living room in front of the TV without moving. I didn’t even unpack our bag. However, at night Mohamed started saying that he is not feeling well and has a headache. He took Panadol and tried to sleep. The kids went to bed and so did I. I left Mohamed sleeping on the couch as he sometimes do when he is tired to walk to the bedroom. At 3:00 am he woke me up saying that he can’t take it and will go to the hospital. I went with him of course and the doctor gave him a pill under his tongue as he had real high blood pressure 155/115. They also injected him with this dripping liquid and he rested there for some time and went back home right on time to take the kids to school. Came back after that trying to get some sleep myself but I had a terrible headache as well. Got the kids from school, cooked, helped them with their Homework and took my son to the bookshop and now I will try to sleep.


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