Eid Holiday

So what are u doing during the 9-days Eid Holiday? If you are not traveling, what plans do you have on mind other than going to Restaurants, cinemas, cafés and malls? I tried to book a room in Failaka island or sea shell resort but unfortunately they are fully booked. I know that I’m a bit late to reserve now cause people reserve two months in advance, but I thought we were traveling and it didn’t work out. However, we reserved a chalet in Al Rimal Hotel for the weekend but till then what are we gonna do or hang out? I have my friends coming over on Tuesday for lunch. It will be sort of dish party, everyone coming will bring a dish or two instead of doing all the cooking myself. Can’t wait for that day cause I know the dishes and I’m addicted to that sort of food. So, if you have new ideas to spend our two other days please let me know. Thank you all and wishing you a lovely vacation.


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