The Reception Party

So we were quite busy last week cause Amal was throwing a reception party at her parents house last Wednesday. I went with her once to the tailor to see her dress and went to order the food a couple of days before the event. Her plan was simply welcoming guests at the reception and that they will simply stay for a little while, have a quick bite and then leave to keep space for other people who are still coming after them and so on. That’s it! I asked her if she’s bringing a DJ to the party so that we can all enjoy it as well and she said no and that there is no budget for it. I was disappointed and so did all my other friends who were really looking forward to have some fun and wear their fancy dresses and dance the night. I decided that I will surprise her with a special gift which is of course the DJ. I was hesitant about it cause it wasn’t at my house and maybe her mom wouldn’t agree so I took her mum’s permission first. The day came and I went to the salon of course and while I’m there my phone rang and it was Amal. She was at her parents house to see the flowers and of course she saw the speakers all set and got to know about my surprise. But guess who was surprised and shocked? Me! Yes cause she was angry and furious instead of being happy. Oh my God! What did I do to get all this blame? She said that there were some ladies who told her if there is a DJ they won’t come cause they are quite religious and she promised them that she’s not bringing a DJ. What’s that? I couldn’t believe it. It’s her wedding reception and I don’t care about other people. Sorry to say that, but nobody put rules. If I’m invited to a wedding party I simply go or no but I won’t tell anybody my rules of attending. I see that this is rudeness. Anyway, I told her my opinion and she said that she will not let the DJ start unless they leave. I was really angry and was thinking of not going to the party but then I decided that I have to go. I just told the DJ to be a bit late.
Went there on time and not before the guests as planned. I waited till my friends came and we sat together waiting for a signal from Amal to start the DJ and it was at 10:00 pm finally. Once the DJ started, the party was on and on and non stop dancing and this was the Reception party.


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