Bridal Breakfast

Oh how blessed I am to have such sincere and lovable friends in my life. Today I was totally surprised with a bridal event for me and my friend Amal as she is newly wed too. We usually go out for breakfast with my lady friends on weekends, but this one was so special. It was at IHOP restaurant where we all had yummy pancakes of course but the surprise was when we first stepped inside and found a special table reserved for us with balloons and a board hung on the wall. We found out that Melissa and Gwenn planned for a bachelorette party for us with lots of games, riddles, gifts, prizes and lots of surprises. We enjoyed every minute of this event which started at 9:30 am until 1:00 pm; what a breakfast outing. The games were amazing and I guess our laughs and giggles made a wonderful atmosphere to the restaurant and the customers. Even the waiters were having fun and were entertained as well. To top all these surprises, we were shocked (in a happy way of course) to see two gorgeous delicious cakes for me and Amal with our names and grooms. Not to mention how yummy they were, but the gesture itself was out of this world. No words can ever describe how I felt today and how blessed I am. Thank you my dear friends for all what you’ve done today, you really made my day all of YOU. I love u.


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