Celebrating and then

Two days ago we had dinner at Burj Al Hamam on the Arabian Gulf Road to celebrate two weddings, a Master’s Degree obtained and a birthday. My friends and my family met there and had a wonderful evening full of laughs and exchanged gifts together. Not to mention the food of course, it was lovely and the view itself was fantastic. We were in the middle of the sea and our friends loved the place.
I woke up next morning (yesterday) and I laid down on the couch with my cup of tea and chocolate cake as a breakfast and then I got a call from Mellissa telling me that she has received a bazaar call from probably the thief who stole her purse last week. He told her that he has her flash memory with him and that he saw there were important stuff she might need for work and asked to meet him. Well I was a bit shocked but didn’t show that to Mel not to frighten her. Anyway we decided to meet him at the police station cause we didn’t know whether he is the criminal himself or an innocent guy who just found it in the street as mentioned. My husband came with us and when we reached there, Melissa and I stayed in the car cause the windows were tinted and he couldn’t see us. Mohamed went inside to report all this and see what to be done. Meanwhile, the man text Mel saying that he will leave. I guess he knew that we are the ones in that car and got a bit worried when my hubby went inside the station and Melissa didn’t come out of the car. However, Melissa kept texting him back and forth until Mohamed and two officers headed to the man’s car. He stepped out with them and went inside and we followed them. The officers saw his ID and listened to what he said and then told us that we should thank him as he was sincere enough to come to the station and handle something he found. That was it, we took the drive and headed home. Melissa didn’t want to go back to her apartment all alone as he might have tracked her address so she came with us and stayed for half an hour and accompanied us to the hair salon as my daughter had an appointment at Centro Bellezza salon in salmiya. It was fun and we both took an appointment for hair treatment with caviar on Thursday. Then I dropped her near her home and we headed back home. This was our adventure for the day.


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