This week

Well, this week was full of events. It started with my moving out of the apartment I was renting the past year to our home in Salwa. In the beginning I had a small problem with the owner as he wanted me to pay a full month but after bringing a good wasta it was ok but then he wanted me to paint the apartment before I leave. However, do you imagine how hectic it was to pack and move and paint in one day only? I had my friends with me (Melissa, Amal, Ghadeer, Driss, Sultan, my kids and husband of course). Everyone helped in a way and we kept on going and coming with bags, boxes, furniture, utensils, misc stuff all the way from Salmiya to Salwa for a couple of times. From 10 am in the morning and until 6 pm. After that we were all hungry so we went to Chilis Al Bidea. Later that night we were invited to a Lebanese wedding in Sheraton, my husband and I were really exhausted but we went and had fun. The following day I started to unpack but I felt that my back can’t make it so I just relaxed for a few hours then I got to know from Facebook that Melissa had a terrible incident. Someone broke her car window and stole her purse, wallet, money, jewellery, Versace sunglasses, iphone, international driving license and much more. I know that she wasn’t supposed to leave her purse in the car, but she was jet skiing and couldn’t take it with her in the middle of the sea. Anyway, I couldn’t reach her but inboxed her. She also didn’t have any of our phone numbers to call us. Poor Mel, she had to go to the police station and stay there for four hours that day. Next day I passed by her and went again to the police station and then to Palace of Justice to investigate and issue a report. Then we headed to Wataniya to get another SIM card for her number. Following day we went to NBK to receive another ATM card as she cancelled the old one on the spot. As for yesterday, I took my cat to the vet and he was operated. The procedure took two hours. Meanwhile I took the kids to buy the school uniform. Then finally I went to the Saloon to pamper myself. As for today, we are having Mohamed’s friends for Iftar at 6 pm as they are fasting and tomorrow inshallah we r going out with my friends to celebrate two weddings, a Master’s degree and a birthday all together.


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