Guess What?!

So guess what everybody???? I got married last week, yes me and my Ex returned back to each other. Believe me it wasn’t planned at all and it all happened at a glimpse. You remember how hesitant I was about all this but this is what happened. After coming back from the beach with my friends and daughter, we found Hanaa’s husband arrived from Cairo and he surprised us by inviting my Ex and other friends over dinner. They made us sit together at a corner and see how things will go. We discussed all details and talked about the troubles that may face us if we go ahead and do this and strange enough we were both content. So our friends asked us what was our plan and Mohamed told then that we will get together when we return back to Kuwait. But guess what? Our friend Abdel Kader called the mathoun (the man who makes the wedding ceremony and announces us as man and wife) and he came and we finalized everything in the morning. It was a crazy night and we didn’t sleep, we were all excited and waiting to make this happen. Woke up in the morning and Hanaa took me to the hairdresser and I was all ready for the day which was also my daughter’s birthday. Can’t describe how we were all excited and happy. As for me, I was a bit concerned and worried cause I didn’t tell my parents, but anyway I know that they wouldn’t agree and that they don’t want him back as a son in law. He was my husband before and the father of our children and I’m old enough to take the decision and I did. Well I hope time will heal things with my parents. As for now I’m happy and we had three lovely days as a honeymoon in North Coast with our friends and now we are back in Kuwait to start a new year and a new beginning. A happy one I wish.



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  1. Best of Luck for your new beginning sweetie 🙂 …stay blessed


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