I finally decided to buy a bus ticket (superjet) to go to Marina Beach in the North Coast of Egypt. I was hesitant whether to go or not. I didn’t want to go and stay at my Uncle’s cause my outings will be limited and at the same time I was really worried about my cat cause I couldn’t take him along in the bus (pets are not allowed) which I don’t know why. However, I was talking over the phone with my friend Hanaa and she encouraged me to come and even invited me at her chalet. Honestly I was really happy and went quickly to the bus station. As for fluffy my cat, I gave my sister the key to feed him. Not that I’m really happy to leave him alone, but to tell u the truth, I left my own children there with their father for a whole month and I stayed in Cairo for my own reasons. So I guess they owe me this quick trip. I arrived in Marina yesterday noon and Hanaa was waiting for me at the gate. Late afternoon my daughter came and a friend of us also dropped by with her daughter and we all went to the beach. It was terrific and we really enjoyed it. I needed this change and this freedom of thought for some time. I was also happy that my daughter was finally happy and laughing. Then later at night my Ex and my son came to pick me and my daughter and went for dinner together. It’s been quite a long time to gather the four together as a family and have a meal. Even though my husband was criticizing my kids attitude and behavior all the time, but it was quality time together and open heart talk that I was missing.


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