Doors of Fear

Sitting home all alone in Cairo after my friend Amal travelled back to her country. Nothing much to do during this curfew, nothing except eating and watching TV. I had dinner twice and couldn’t sleep, so I decided to watch TV. Turning channels, I found an episode called Doors of Fear. It’s some kind of horror or suspense, don’t know the genre exactly but I can only say its weird. I found myself caught with the events and actor and was like daydreaming and feeling like its happening to me especially that the actor was a journalist and a writer, so writing is a common thing between us. I was living the moment when I heard a weird noise like someone is trying to break the door and come in. I startled for a moment and looked at the door knob, it was not turning or moving, but I was quite sure that there is somebody behind the door and trying to come in. The noise became louder and the door was shaking until it was open and I found my cat coming in so quickly. At that moment I was really shocked and stood there telling myself “how did I ever forget that I own a cat and that I shouldn’t have closed that door”. Oh my God, I shouldn’t stay home alone again, especially after watching this horror episodes.


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