My friend Amal from Kuwait arrived last Saturday to Egypt. Our plan was to pick her up from Alex Borg Alarab Airport and drive to our beach house in North Coast to stay the night and then head to Cairo the next day as she has some paper work to be done in the University as she is preparing for her PHD. Oh my God! What can I say? First of all, nothing went on as planned, starting from taking her and heading straight to Cairo and not dropping by the beach side at all. A few days earlier i had a fight with my parents and I couldn’t take her there in this atmosphere. Anyway, we came here to Cairo and she started her work but after two days they announced curfew and she couldn’t go back to finish her registration papers. Poor Amal, she can’t even have fun. She was so afraid to go back to Alex to take her flight back to Kuwait, so she arranged with her brother to change the ticket. Now she will travel from Cairo instead and she won’t see the beach or sea at all. What a vacation! I’m so embarrassed but I can’t do anything about it. Moreover, we are stuck at home because of the curfew and I can’t take her out for dinner. Hope things get better by tomorrow.


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