I was invited to one of our school gatherings two days ago. I was so thrilled and looking forward to it cause every time my classmates arrange something I’m always out of town and can’t make it. Well, I finally attended this outing which was for Sohour in Gezira Club, Zamalek, Cairo, Egypt. The most prestigious club in all Egypt. We were all members of course and that’s why we gather there. The place wasn’t really what made me so happy, but the people themselves. I haven’t seen most of them for ages and this is as literarily as 25 years ago. Oh my God, yes it’s true, ever since we were in high school and some even longer than that. I really had fun that night and it was all about our unforgettable memories and school days. I felt I’m young again and felt that these people are like real family to me and the distance doesn’t really matter but there are certain bonds between us that will never break by time. Thank you my friends, I love you all.



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