Waiting for nothing

My Ex arrived nine days ago and we met several times. I’m not sure what will happen next, I’m just waiting for him to take a step forward. I know his intentions and he’s talking as if we are back together and showing this to everyone we meet. People are asking me if we are getting back together and I’m saying I’m not sure. He even showed me his new apartment that he bought recently and was asking me about several things like the colour of the floor, furniture, etc…
He took off to Sa7el two days ago with the kids. Honestly I feel so good and in harmony with myself all alone for some time at last. I needed a break, but he keeps calling me asking when will I go there. First of all, I can’t go without a car cause I have my cat and I can’t take it on bus but i will rent a car as soon as i find a cheap one. And the other reason is that when I go there i will stay with my parents, this means that I won’t see him. Third reason and that’s most important is that we didn’t talk yet, we should set our rules and agree about everything and then I can start the fight with my parents, but first he has to show me that he is keen and honest about it.


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