My rebelling daughter

Two days ago my daughter told me that this summer is boring and that she’s not enjoying it at all. We had this conversation together right after coming back from her friend’s house. She spent like 6 hours with her friend and was quite pleased. She is really giving me a hard time this year. I know that she is turning into a teenager and that’s not an easy phase, but I’m trying to do whatever I can to make her happy and unfortunately she’s not. I know that she doesn’t have a lot of friends here and that’s she’d rather stay there with her school friends, but this is impossible. We all wait for the school year to finish in order to go back to our country and stay with our family and friends. Of course I have more friends here and a big family and now that we are in Ramadan, we go out everyday with them. We are invited for Iftar nearly everyday. This makes me happy of course, but she says its boring. Yesterday my best friend had 20 of her daughters friends for Iftar, girls and boys (all teens). I took my son and daughter and thought this will be fun for them. Well, my daughter stayed with me all the time and didn’t want to mingle at all even though she knows three of them. My son stayed with them for some time and then came back to sit with us, at least he gave it a try. Then we went to the club, I told her to go see her friend and she went after sometime. Came back and sat next to me saying that she found her with other friends she doesn’t know. Oh my God! She’s not trying to talk to new people or make new friends at all and then she says that she’s not happy. What do I do???


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