So I finally decided to take care of some things that need maintenance and repairs in my apartment in Cairo. As some of u know that I live in Kuwait for a very long time; eleven years and we only come to Our home town Egypt in summer to spend our vacation. Most of it is spent at our beach house not in Cairo at all, so every summer I just ignore to repair whatever needs repairing in order to enjoy our vacation without the hassle and trouble. But this year, I found out that the electric water heater, washing machine, air conditioner, in addition to other stuff are out of order. I couldn’t stand all this and at the same time my mother is still working and we won’t go to the beach house in the North Coast now. So, I called for maintenance yesterday and I had three technicians and a plumber plus the maid at my place today. What a day to start with. But all this is ok till now. Everything got fixed and I was so happy. I started the washing machine cause I had loads of clothes to be washed and I just laid down in the living room watching a movie. After two hours, I went to the bathroom to see if the machine stopped. But something else stopped; my heart!!! I found out that two rooms were full of water. I stepped inside one of the rooms and my pants got wet till above the ankle. I got panicked and didn’t know what to do or how to start. I just screamed and yelled and then ran to get all towels and sheets in order to absorb the water. Spent more than half an hour and couldn’t handle it alone. Called my mum and she came for rescue with a man down the street who lifted up the wooden furniture and started cleaning and drying. This lasted for another hour. Then they left and I was relieved. Thanks mum.


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