Exciting Week

Ohhh this week was really exciting. I had fun for a change. I really needed that change. It started with my sister’s wedding at Four Seasons Nile Plaza. My mother had booked us two rooms for me and my friends. We went to the hotel at noon and my kids of course couldn’t resist the swimming pool. After that they both went to the saloon for a new hair look. I also had a professional makeup artist in my room and I really had a new lovely look. The wedding started and as they say good times fly away. I really thought that the wedding was only like one hour, even though it lasted till past two am. It was great in all ways. We all had fun, the bride was gorgeous, the food was delicious and plenty and rich with sea food, the decoration was master and everyone was happy. Next day we drove to Ain Al Sokhna, our chalet is after Porto and we spent like one day and a half. The weather was extremely terrific with a lovely breeze, I was afraid it would be hot. We all enjoyed the beach, sun and sea. Came back to Cairo and off went my son along with my friends to Kuwait. I will miss them.



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