Two weeks left

I’m counting down the days. There are only two weeks left. But for what exactly. You won’t believe me if I say that I don’t know the reason why I’m counting. It might be because I can’t wait for my trip to Egypt, which means summer vacation. Oh quite a long one this year, nearly three months away from Kuwait. Another reason is that I can’t wait for my sister’s wedding in June most probably as I’ve finally bought a suit for my son “his first formal one” oh how handsome and cute he is when wearing it. I’m also counting days for their exams to finish and for me to take a deep breath without any more headaches, stress and sleepless nights. I still have another reason which I’m not quite sure whether its a happy or sad one but I’m waiting to find out what will happen with my Ex, will we get back together or shall I remain free and happy as I once was just a few months before? I will leave everything for the time being and see how will things turn out to be cause right now I’m not certain about my feelings so I can’t take a decision. My cousin told me that I might think better when I’m far away from him even though she’s supporting me to get back to him for the kids sake and interest. Well, I definitely need a break and a rest from all the incidents that happened this year. So as soon as the wedding is over, I’ll drive to our chalet in Ain Al Sokhna for a couple of days with my dear friends who are coming with me to Egypt and will just lay down by the sea and day dream, relax and enjoooooy.


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