Forget and have fun

So now I am really having fun. I’m trying to forget or ignore all the troubles I have and just live the moment. I read once that if you worry so much, nothing will happen to your problems, they won’t get solved by worrying. So, I decided to keep them aside for some time and enjoy my life for a change. I started walking with my friends on a daily basis or that’s what we’re hoping at least, first to lose weight and as fun to hang out often. I also went shopping for an evening dress cause my sister’s wedding is in June and time flies away. The problem here is that their weddings are only for females so they get to wear whatever they like as there will be no men and most of the ladies are veiled so this is the time to free themselves. But our weddings in Egypt are mixed and I’m veiled too but I can’t wear an open back, shoulders dress. So it’s really difficult to find a dress with the specs I want. Anyway, I was searching with my two friends A &G and we all saw one dress that we all loved but had to be adjusted. I will receive it next week, hopefully it will be nice. Other than shopping, we go to restaurants and cafes and hang out a lot. Life is good.


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