Stressed I am

Have so many things on my mind. Don’t know what to do anymore. I was happy for sometime cause my Ex wants me back with my rules. Then he took me for granted and is pulling his promises back, he is putting his rules. I’m fed up and won’t continue this way, but I still have other problems to take care of. I am still searching for a job. It’s not that easy at all. I have to pay my flat rent which is 310 KD and summer is around the corner and as long as I’m not working I guess I’ll spend all my vacation with my family and friends in Egypt, But this means that I have to pay like 2 months rent in advance. I’m in trouble, and even though my parents are sending me money, I’m not happy about it. It was my choice to come back here to Kuwait after my divorce which I fought to get and it seems that I made a mistake. The offers I’m getting are either too low or two shifted which doesn’t suit me cause my kids are staying with me and need follow up with their studying. Oh my God, what to do?


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