Just a Dream

I guess it was only a dream, a very nice one but I have to wake up and face reality. I thought that things will work out as I wanted cause I felt a very nice feeling those few weeks. But all nice moments have to come to an end sometime and this is the time. I guess it wasn’t meant to be. The problem is that now it will take me some time to get used to be single again. Not that it was a bad experience cause I enjoyed it for some time, but because I was really happy to be in love again. I got used to be pampered, loved, going out, asking about me every couple of hours. Now ill be lonely again even if I’m surrounded with my kids, family and friends. Having a lover is something else. Why does my Ex have to be so stubborn? We could have made it, but he wants everything to be done his way with no compromise even if this will affect our relationship. I did my best really, I called my mum and I even called my uncle who wanted to support us on one small condition that my Ex has to be sincere enough and prove it. But of course his stubbornness made him say that he doesn’t care about what my uncle says and that he doesn’t like conditions. So, we have to let it go….


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