My son’s girlfriend

And now my son who is 15 years old has a girlfriend which I don’t mind at all. I know that this is the age for it and that this is something quite normal nowadays. But I’m afraid from this girl cause my son is so naive while she is an expert. Well, she is only 13, two years younger I know. You must think that she is young enough to have any experience at all. But here is the thing: she is going out with two at the same time. My son and his friend. I got to know that from the friend’s mother. She mentioned the name and I was shocked. I even talked with him and with all the simplicity in the world he replied that she is only a friend with all of the boys. But what I see is totally different. The chatting till midnight and their talks which I sometimes hear, are not those of only a friend thing. The other mother also told me that the girl cornered her son last week with this question “do you love me?” Oh my God. I got to know from another mother that my son paid for her and her friends tickets for the cinema. I can’t believe that but he really finishes his pocket money way before the month ends. I wish he understands before its too late. I would really love to see him with a decent girl who will be polite and sincere and give him the will to study and finish his school instead of this one who is online all the time and just wants to go out and hang out with them and also invite them over to her place. Yes it’s quite normal to have all the boys at her place anytime during day and night. My ex caught him going in to her building at 10:30 pm one night and sent him back home and he was so upset cause they will still have pizza. I hope he really gets to know the real her before he is totally attached and it will break his heart then.


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