I am so worried nowadays. My friend called my mother and told her that my Ex wants me back. Mother was shocked and couldn’t believe it and said that I must be stupid to go back to him after all what he’s done to me and my family. No matter what he is willing to do to make over and that he agreed to all my conditions and that he is willing to please me and be a “Yes yes Man” after being a “No no Man” for quite a long time. She told my friend that she had to discuss all this with my father and see and till now I didn’t get a reply from them. I’m used to receive a phone call every Friday from my mum but she simply missed this week. I know that I have to call her myself but honestly I can’t confront her. If my Ex just accepts to call them and try to be nice, this would really help but he doesn’t want to deal with them or get embarrassed. Nevertheless, I’m going out with him, spending some quality time talking and discussing our future, plans and setting new rules to work it out. I don’t know what to call him if we ran into someone I know and have to introduce him. Would I say my Ex, Fiancé, Husband or boyfriend or what? It’s really confusing, but what’s really worrying me is that will I ever get my parents approval to re-marry him???


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