Feeling Better

It seems that I am starting to fall in love again. I blocked my heart for some time after getting the divorce last summer and I told myself that I don’t want to get married again after my first and only marriage that lasted for 15 years with the one I loved for 22 years. Oh yes, quite a long time indeed. Things get worse for the past three years and I couldn’t stand it any longer, he was not treating me like the old nice days in the beginning of our lives. Anyway, not to talk about all this, but just to let you know that I really hated my life and wanted to be FREE. However, for the past three weeks I’ve dating my ex-husband. Weird, huh? He was trying really hard this time. Saying all the nice words I like to hear, whispering love words, going out together alone without the kids (which never happened since years), getting me gifts, inviting me over dinner for Valentine’s Day, promising me that he will start all over and would do whatever I want and ask for. I look into his eyes and I simply fall in love again. I believe him cause we both went through a lot and we both suffered. He really misses me and I can’t say that I am not missing him too. But we have a serious problem; my family. They hate him now and they too have gone through a lot and helped me in all different ways to get divorced and to get the visa to come back to Kuwait (financially and emotionally). I can’t do anything without their approval and consent. I called my best friend in Egypt and she promised that she will try to convince them. She knows all about it and she is more a sister than a friend to me. I hope things get better and we get together soon as I really wanna be with him again under one roof.


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