Searching for a job

After spending nearly three weeks jobless at home, I feel it’s enough. I am actually searching for a job not that I was on a break or something but I had no luck till now unfortunately. I sent my résumé all around Kuwait (schools, universities, companies, nurseries, all fields) but no luck. I had two offers but they were ridiculous, the salary was far beyond my expectations, not even enough to pay my apartment rent. The problem is that nobody understands my situation. I have responsibilities, I am a single mum who has to pay the rent and secure a good living to my children. If I was married, it would be totally different. I would have taken any salary as pocket money for my leisure and that’s it, no obligations whatsoever. My God, what am I going to do? I am a strong believer and I’m convinced that God is keeping something better for me, it’s always like that and everything happens for a good reason. But when will this good thing come along? How many weeks or months? I’m in a foreign country and I need the money. My parents are transferring money from Egypt but with the bad conditions there now, it’s becoming difficult as transferring money into another currency isn’t easy as before with so many new procedures. Anyway, I hope I find a job soon.


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