My big boss asked to see me. This was the first time that her secretary called and say that she wants me to go to her office immediately. To tell you the truth, I thought that she will thank me for my efforts and my extra help in the past couple of weeks cause I was really doing my best and more. I was working like I own the place and I really cared a lot and couldn’t sit in one place, doing everything myself even if it wasn’t my responsibility. I loved the place, the people and my job.
Anyway, I went to her office and she didn’t meet me with a smile but rather with an angry face and asked me to have a seat. She started the conversation by telling me that she is my boss and I work for her and not anybody else. I didn’t know what she wanted to say and why is she saying that. Of course I know that she is my boss. Then she told me that she was the one who interviewed me and she was the one who reserved my job for me when I went back to Egypt and was stuck there for residency issues. I know all that and I appreciated keeping a job for me, but it’s not nice to humiliate people. Then she told me that she knew that I went to pick the previous principal from the airport and that’s why she is angry. She accused me of being un-loyal to her and that I’m taking sides with Melissa and not her and that there will be no trust now and they are afraid from the confidentiality matters. She also told me that she is disappointed of me and that I couldn’t judge people or take good decisions. What the hell???!! I can be friends with anyone I like and this is my personal life. I’m old enough to separate between work and my personal life. I’m not a child. I’m a sociable person and no one can change that no matter what. I decided before that I’m free to take my own decisions and that cost me a lot believe me and I’m still paying for that freedom till now and won’t compromise. So, sorry dear. Take it or leave it. I’m taking a decision too, not only you.


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