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So i have one full week as winter break with Friday and Saturday and I just got my Residency finally three days prior the holiday. Guess what else? It was my sister’s engagement (Fat7a Reading) in Egypt. I knew about this nearly a month ago but didn’t have the residency so I told them I couldn’t attend it unfortunately. WELL, I got it and I booked the ticket on the same day. It was a quick trip, I only stayed there for 5 days even though I had 9 full days, but I was leaving my kids here with their father as they didn’t want to go to Egypt and above all this, I had to leave my Fluffy “the cat” all alone here at my flat. My ex refused to take it, so Thank God I got that idea of leaving the key to my maid and let her come daily to feed him. I never did that before; talking about leaving my key to the maid, but I had no other solution cause last time I left fluffy in a shelter, he got really sick, lost weight and had depression. Anyway, it went on fine and I called the maid daily to check up on Fluffy and she assured me that he is OK. Other than that, my first day in Egypt was perfect because it was my sister’s engagement and I met her fiance who is a really sweet guy and I met all my family and cousins, we really had fun that day. The other 4 days of my trip were all spent with my best friend Mona who has just lost her brother on the same day I arrived. This was tough but I thanked God that I was there for her too. I really hope that my next trip will be happier for everybody and I am planning to go there more often now that I am free and can have my own decisions.


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