Renting a flat

After receiving my visa and feeling relieved that my job is still waiting for me, I had to start searching for a nice cozy flat to rent in Kuwait. I searched over the net everywhere, but oh my God, the prices are extremely crazy. The range for a decent two bedrooms flat is around KD 400-500, but I can’t afford it of course. I will still buy the furniture and appliances and this needs a certain budget not to mention what I’ve already paid to get the visa.
Anyway, after days of searching and e-mailing and inquiring, I spotted an ad on website with a lovely flat having the same specifications that I want. I couldn’t believe myself so I emailed the owner and asked all the questions and he replied back assuring everything but there was only one problem which is he is not living in Kuwait and that he will send me the key and contract by mail and I have to pay two months in advance plus one month security. To tell you the truth, I was hesitant at first and kind of worried but I liked the flat and it’s price was affordable. So I decided to go ahead and I’m going tomorrow morning to transfer him the money, hope everything goes on well.



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7 responses to “Renting a flat

  1. Hassan

    you’re serious? :s
    don’t do it! you can’t make sure it is a real person name in the contract even if he attach a copy of his ID or a copy of his Passport I can graphic fake those in a minute.
    Don’t do it, period.


    • Oh really, but there is a third party (royal mail) which will be responsible of delivering the key and contract and will hold the money until I see the flat and approve it. I went through their website, it’s a big company. I’m so worried and you made me think twice now. Thanks for the advice.


  2. Hassan

    Sorry for the delay but it’s weird I didn’t get a notification thro mail even tho I confirmed my subscription.
    I don’t know really it can be true & it can also be fake but if it was me I wouldn’t go for it.
    Scamers these days are way smarter & more advanced than ever, think of it this way, if a Man can fake a passport & enter a country illegally would it be hard to fake an ID or/and an address for Royal mail? it isn’t that hard at all believe me! specially when it comes to mail/delivery services even DHL/Aramex can be supplied with fake ID’s & addresses & even credit cards! they’re not Police or a Government agencies they don’t really care and they don’t really focus on such things just show an ID supply an address & ship!
    if there is a way to confirm that the flat really belongs to the person name (which logically should match the sender name thro Royal Mail) then go for it, maybe you can ask the neighbors or a nearby store etc..
    Just find a way to make sure that this man is truly the owner of the flat and his name is also on the package sent to you then nothing to worry about.
    if those conditions doesn’t apply then it’s your call.


    • I don’t know how to thank you for the advice and for the concern. I am doing a bit of searching through my cousin who lives in the UK and waiting for her answer. Thanks again and I’ll post about what happened later inshallah. Best regards


  3. Hassan

    I wish you luck & can’t wait to read your positive (inshAllah) results.


  4. Hey,which area of Kuwait you are looking for flat? if it is in Salmiya 2BHK starts from 250KD,


    • Yes I was searching in both Salmiya and Salwa but didn’t find a good flat with this price unfortunately. This year all rentals have gone up like crazy, it used to be cheaper but now if u find a 250 KD flat it will be either in an old building or not what I have in mind (cozy and modern – nice flooring, etc…) thanks anyway for your comment and visiting the blog


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