Doctor Appointment

And I finally booked a Doctor appointment and I’m waiting for my sister to pass by me and take me to Misr International Hospital. I was there 10 days ago when I fell on my foot, but last time it was late at night around 11:00pm and they took me straight to Emergency. After they took a complete scan for both my foot and knees and they did all the necessary heeling and bandaging they told me I should come back after one week and that I had to rest. I was on medication and I finished my dosage as prescribed and I went last Thursday as agreed for check up. We went to the ER like last time but they informed us that we check with the clinic not emergency this time. So we asked about the clinic and found out that their working hours has ended for the day. I asked if we can book an appointment in advance but they said no just come Saturday morning at 11. So, I woke up today and thought of calling first before going, it was nearly 10:00 am and to my surprise they said that the doctor is fully booked, Thank God I didn’t go yet. I was really frustrated cause we can’t book over the phone and we have to go stay there for like 2 hours waiting for our turn, what a mess. They are completely unorganized and I hate this hospital but what to do? It’s the nearest to my house and I can’t walk yet. Anyway I went to them in the morning and booked for an evening appointment and right now I’m on my way.


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