Last post I was very emotional and under pressure and in real pain not physically but mentally. After I received this horrible call informing me that my visa was rejected, I went crazy and kept crying the whole day and then the following day I was waiting for a phone call or Whatsapp message from my friends in Kuwait who were also going to ask and find a way out for me. I never got that call or message and then I realized that this thing I want is never meant to be and that I have to cope with this truth, so I sent an email to the institute where I was supposed to work at and I apologized for not coming on my scheduled date and that I’m in fact couldn’t get the visa at all. I wasn’t relieved or anything but this was something I had to do. I have to think more positively now and see all the possibilities. I have my stuff there (clothes, bags, jewelry, personal belongings, car, money, remains of my carina wear stuff) not to mention my kids of course which is a different case. All my stuff I will think of someway to ship them back, but what about the kids??? My friends keep telling me don’t worry you will get the visa inshallah but just be patient. Ok I’m listening to them, but deep inside I know it’s hard. They won’t quit trying and I will keep hoping of course. But for the time being I have to cope with my recent status and new way of living until sun shines again.


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