What have I done

All I wanted is freedom, to have more space for me and the kids, to live the remaining of my life the way I wanted without taking orders or permissions. I’ve been living a life which does not suit me. Not my way of living, and I decided to take this decision before its too late. We only live once in a lifetime and I chose to do it my way.
But what have I really done to myself and to my kids whom I can’t see now? I feel horrible, everything is not going on as I planned. I’m getting into trouble one after another. I intended to buy the residency so that I’ll be with my kids in the same country together. I already paid someone part of the agreed amount and I had to go back to my country so that he issue the visa. He promised it would take from 1-2 days to be issued and then send it to me so that I can start my procedures from here. Now and after 12 days here, he told me he can’t do it. What am I supposed to do? I left my kids there, for the very first time they go to school without me specially first day. My Mimi keeps asking me when am I coming and I have no answer. I was supposed to start my new job on the 16th but I can’t. What can I do? Above all this, I broke my leg three days ago. I don’t regret my divorce, but I’m in a mess.


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