Problem Solved

Thank God we finally solved our Cat’s problem (last post) and we all changed our airline just for our lovely Fluffy. This was a good step from my husband after my nagging about it. I even told him that I won’t travel if the cat isn’t. Anyway, not to go into details but this is something that was troubling me and now I am relieved. 

So, there’s only two days left and I didn’t do any shopping this year neither for me nor as gifts for my family and friends back there. I have some issues to take care of first and I truely don’t know whether I am coming back to Kuwait or not.

Hope everything goes on well and the way I want.



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2 responses to “Problem Solved

  1. One door closes and another opens. It will be sad if you leave and I will most definitely miss your choco all the way BUT, I hope that you don’t come back because there is most definitely somewhere better than here 🙂
    I wish you a happy life and will continue to read your blog and hopefully get some insight into your whereabouts!! Keep updating! 🙂


    • Oh dear, I was really touched with your lovely comment. I still don’t know what will happen, let’s hope for the best. In all cases, I will come back either to stay or to pick up what I left behind. So, I will see you then Inshaallah with one box of Choco All The Way 🙂
      Will also continue reading your blog and will be in touch somehow. Thanks Dear


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