I need Help

Hi all, as usual we travel to Egypt every summer and we stay there for more than two months (kids vacation). This year we have a new member in the family which is Fluffy our cat. It’s nearly one year old now. But we have a small problem. My husband has booked our tickets without even asking about the cat. So, I have to do everything concerning it as I am the one responsible and I guess cause I am the one who wants it with us. Strangely enough cause I was the one who didn’t want the cat first place, but I loved him. Anyway, I took him to the Vet yesterday and asked all sorts of questions related to the cat’s traveling and I got to know that it should have a micro ship under his skin and its number should be on his passport. This first step, I already did yesterday and still I have to prepare his papers (approval for going out/coming in back to Kuwait) this will be done by next week Inshaa Allah. 

But unfortunately, only today and NOW I have found out that my husband booked our tickets on Al Jazzira Airways and that they don’t allow pets. WHAT TO DO?

I won’t leave him here alone with anybody, I just can’t and won’t enjoy my vacation without him. I got attached to him. 

Please if anybody knows a way to ship him, please let me know and ASAP cause we are leaving after a week. Thanks in advance


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