My Birthday

Two days ago was my Birthday, I admit I am growing older in age, but deep inside I feel I am still a 16 year old girl who still has all life ahead.

This year I didn’t really enjoy my birthday, there was something missing. I had no cake. My younger daughter decorated some cupcakes for me and I really appreciated it, but its not like a real big round cake with candles to be blown.

I know that this is due to the circumstances and because my marriage is about to end, but I didn’t expect anything from my “husband”. I just wanted my kids to celebrate with me.

I got quite a nice gift from my friends Amal and Ghadeer, it was really nice of them and I somehow felt I am not alone. I also got a lot of phone calls from here and from my family and friends in Egypt. This shows that family and friends are the most important of all.


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