It’s so strange how we get attached to something or someone for a very long time and then all of a sudden, it disappears. Yes, just fades away like when you stir the sugar in a hot cup of tea. This is life, it’s so weird and unpredictable, not fair sometimes and so annoying a lot of times. You are in love at one moment and then discover that it was only an illusion. You care for people who turn out to be not even worth it. You can be devoted to them to an unlimited kind of devotion, wanting to sacrifice for them, but why, for what? At that time, you don’t use your common sense or mind, it’s just the heart. Our heart is our Trouble. You won’t get to know the truth about a person unless there is some kind of trouble or a situation when you need him/her to be beside you, even just to cheer you up.

A friend in need is a friend indeed.

This is what they used to tell us in the past. It’s true in all what it stands for.

The past, oh, I can’t say this word “Past” cause everything that ocurred in my past is still present to me, I feel it, I live it and I remember all that happened to me. I remember all my experiences, the good and the bad, the laughs and the cries, the happiness and the sorrow. They are still living with me, maybe as memories, but they are there, they haven’t gone anywhere else. They are part of me and I am still alive and so will they until I go away. Only then, they’ll go as well, although they won’t be far from me either, they will still be with me, but only God knows if I will feel them like I do now.

I am a person who gets attached so easily. I can get attached to someone or even a place. Can’t control it, but it is really making me suffer, cause nothing is permanent in this world. Everything changes around me and I stand alone with my attachments, so so many I have indeed. Hard feelings sometimes and nice memories at other times and life goes on and on, till death do us (attachments) apart.



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2 responses to “Attachments

  1. Oh, I’m exactly like that, it’s
    Not a nice way to be but I guess
    Not caring would be worse.


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