What a coincidence, Thanks God

I have mentioned earlier that my posts on Q8yat.com have dissapeared cause I didn’t renew my subscription with them. I was actually thinking whether to renew or not and it took me some time to realise that it wouldn’t really matter for several reasons which I can post about them in another seperate post. Well, it came from their side that they dropped my selling membership and kept me only as a regular member which i really don’t care about one bit. But look at the irony and the coincidence, the very next day I saw on twitter an ad about a new forum which really resembles the old one in many ways. I knew that it is a new one and that the number of members aren’t a lot and that it will take like ages to grow and posper and to have customers from it, but I told myself that I have nothing to lose and will give it a try.

You wouldn’t believe this (by the way I love this phrase from a soap on Disney Channel), but the next day after I registered to this forum, which is Free for all, I got like 5 or 6 customers on whatsapp.

Ofcourse I have to Thank God cause I took the right decision and I need to say a loooong good bye to the old falling forum. By the way, its not only me who think this way about them, but quite so many as well. They have put a lot of unfair rules and payments which don’t suit us. I want to say a bad word but I won’t. I’ll keep it to myself.

I am enjoying the new forum which is www.q8eyat.com/vb and I already feel at home with the other members.  


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