Cookieology; cookies and more…

Yesterday I was going to order cookies from @Cookieology_kw and I really called them and placed my order. No matter how much I describe their delicious cookies, I won’t be fair enough. They are perfectly done with passion and with professionalism, home made of course, so tender and yummy. I have tried alot of cookies from here and there, but I never got that perfect texture before, its just like my aunti’s cookies (this means I feel like eating from my own home and not just a purchased thing from the market). Well, this time I have decided to try something else besides the cookies and it was The Carrot Cake. What can I say? Delicious, yummy, these are ordinary words to describe it. It is simply perfect in all ways. I wanted to take a photo and post it here but unfortunately before I can shoot it, the kids did a good craving. So, I am attaching a couple of photos from the FB page. I totally recommend trying them.




phone: 50133696



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4 responses to “Cookieology; cookies and more…

  1. Me & Beirut

    yummy 🙂


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