Divorce or just a living

I know that alot of people discussed this matter before, but I still don’t get it. Women are still living with their husbands whom they don’t love anymore or maybe never did just to keep on going with their lives. Some of them say that they are doing it for the sake of the children and some of them can’t go on with their lives and can’t support themselves. This is the real problem here, cause they never tried to depend on themselves, never worked even and they find it a very hard step to take. Well, I will tell you something. Why don’t you give it a try and get a job? Maybe if you find yourself successful with what you do, no matter what it is or how much you are paid, then you can take the right decision.



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3 responses to “Divorce or just a living

  1. It’s a touchy subject, many women are scared of the shame. I know for one, I wuould never be ashamed if my daughter told me she wanted a divorce. Someone’s happiness comes first, whether we have children or not. Sometimes divorce is not an option either. I have a friend, american lady, who lost both her kids because she divorced her husband…truly depends on the situation.


  2. Just wanted to clear that you are absolutely right that it is a touchy subject and that it really differs upon the situation itself and the outcome. But as you mentioned, sometimes our happiness is more important and we can even call it peace of mind rather than happiness. We should think more about ourselves cause life is too short and we have to live it the way we want. Thanks for your comment dear.


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