New mail in the inbox

I am a member in a lot of the kuwaiti forums like,,, q8yaonline, arab-souq, kuwaitwn, and 30 others not to mention them all unless somebody asks me 🙂 Anyway, I am really fed up with the mail coming to my inbox there in these forums which are always trying to persuade me to either buy from them directly while they aren’t authorized to sell or by offering their company’s deals.

I just got a mail today titled “An opportunity of a lifetime” in arabic ofcourse. It is an advertising company without mentioning the name, offering their prices for printing brochures, business cards, etc… I would really want to know how is this the opportunity of my life? I can find millions of print shops in hawally and I know that they would be much cheaper also.

So here is what I did, I took a copy of the mail and sent it to the forum’s administration to take action. Hope I don’t see this stupidness again.


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