Football clashes lead to 74 killed in PortSaid – Egypt

Everybody is talking about the last football game that took place in PortSaid-Egypt a couple of days ago. The match was beteen “Al Ahly” club which is the National team from Cairo and “Al Masry” from PortSaid city, where the latter won 3-1.

Strange enough and as quick as thunder a huge crowd rushed into the pitch, not football fans as most of people believe. They were armed with knives, sticks and stones and only God knows what else they had to beat up this crowd which resulted in killing 74 innocent people who went there only to watch a game. I saw today the picture of a 14 years-old boy, who was one of the victims. I felt so sorry for his parents. It is quite obvious that this wasn’t because of the game itself, the fingers of blame is here pointed to many other issues.

This was obviously a conspiracy, there was negligence by the police, we can also point a finger towards the military. To sum this up, it had nothing to do with football, fans or Ultras of Al Ahly.

Protests in and around Cairo – Tahrir square will not let this pass on that easily as they blame police for failing to control the riot after the soccer game in Port Said. In Cairo, thousands demonstrated yesterday in front of the Interior Ministry, which oversees the police. Police responded to this crowd with clouds of tear gas. Hundreds were treated by medics.

What else to say, God help us and save Egypt.




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