Latest Crime

I’ve been reading since yesterday that the police has arrested 3 girls for wearing no clothes except abayas at a cafe in a commercial complex. I just don’t get it really. First of all, how on earth are they not wearing anything beneath the abayas in this sort of freezing weather? Is it because they were drunk? Were they warm enough? Second, a little boy told his mother that he saw a naked girl in the cafe? Was this day or night? Cause if it was during the day, maybe the abayas will be transparent enough to see-through, but if it was night, I don’t think that it would be that obvious! Third, no one else except the little boy noticed that they were naked?

Really Strange, don’t you think so?

I’m not offending them or anything, but it is kind of weird. I am wearing layers and layers because of the cold and they aren’t wearing a thing, Oh my God.


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