Proud of my little Mimi

I can’t describe how proud I am of my little daughter Mimi. She is only 10 years old and started her small home business doing accessories and coming with me on Open Days to sell them. This started last summer and now and I mean only yesterday she decided to make her own website to sell online as well. I was like “OK” let her do whatever she wants and we will see how it will work out. Then when I saw a couple of nice comments about her website, I was really really proud and happy.

Here is one of the comments written on twitter:

زرت موقعها ،، ما شاء الله الموقع مرتب ومنظم وتصاميم الاكسسوارات رائعة بارك الله فيها وبالتوفيق

It says: “I visited her website which is organized and the accessories designs are great, God Bless her and good luck”.

Another message came from Facebook:

قولي حقها تسلم ايدها خوش شي يعطيها العافيه ليش ما تفتحون محل او في جمعيه

He said that it is lovely and suggested that she opens a shop.

Ofcourse I know that opening a shop is not that easy and that she has to be properly trained to make better designs and to look more professional, but at least it is a start and way to go Mimi “Good Luck Dear”.

You can visit her website:

and her page on FB!/pages/Mimis-Accessories/172275322877104



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