Early Phone Call

Driving my kids to school and my phone keeps ringing. It was crowded and I am on my nerves cause it was 7:10 am. We were a bit late today cause usually we go out at 6:55 before the rush hour (7:00am) from Salwa. The phone kept ringing several times and I don’t pick up the phone that early from customers and it was a strange number. So I thought whoever wants anything can text me. I wanted to concentrate on the road.
Then after the fourth time, I thought maybe it is something important so I replied but I was kind of nervous and wanted to show that from my Hello. Then a lady asked me if I was Mariam’s mom and I answered positively and she told me “Do you know that your daughter is having a competition today?” I told her yes and she told me that all the students are on the bus right now and that if I miss the bus I have to take her to JW Marriott Hotel. I was furious then because I knew that they were going around 9 am not at the beginning of the day. She said that they will be going now instead. I told her that I was just around the corner and to give me 5 minutes and she said ok if it is 5 min sharp. So I started running and getting more nervous from the crowd but what to do? 
Five minutes passed but I was really near the school except for the traffic lights. I saw it turning green and off I went with all my speed and guess what? The bus was moving, yes they were leaving without my Mariouma. I went behind the bus and started beeping until they noticed us and she get off the car and ran to the bus, Thank God we didn’t miss them. Hope she does well in her Art Competition after all 🙂


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