Here comes another weekend

A few years ago or to be more accurate only five years ago I used to be really happy and excited when Thursday comes as this is the sign for family gathering and going out together in the weekend. I was working at that time and the time I spent with my children was really for studying and doing their homeworks during week-days, really boring for both of  us. This is why when the weekend used to come we were all thrilled.

Now, my children are not kids anymore as they are teenagers now and they have their own lives. It is sad to say this, but they really enjoy spending their time with their friends now more than with us.

Today my daughter went to one of her friends house and this is the case now for every Thursday; either at their place or at ours.

As for my son, he goes out on Fridays with his buddies to one of the malls and they spend all day there hanging out, watching a movie, have lunch and then go play football of course to fulfill their happiness.

But what about us, the parents? We either stay at home waiting for them so that we can catch up with what they’ve done all day and just enjoy a chit-chat with them and be happy just to see them happy. Or we go out to buy some grocery and whatever missing for our daily needs.

So, here comes another boring weekend for me.


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