A Heart-Breaking Call

It was 9:30 in the evening the day before yesterday when I thought that my phone rang. Yes cause it was such a quick missed call and if I wasn’t really alert to it, I wouldn’t have noticed it at all especially that it didn’t show. I headed to the phone but I didn’t find  a missed call, I checked it out from the log and there it was, a missed call from Elma.Elma was the Sales lady in my previous shop, I was just telling you recently how I get attached to places and people and then suddely I find her missed call.
For a minute, I thought maybe she was trying to call her new Employer and was mixed up and that’s why she hung up so quickly. But I called her and as soon as I asked her how she was, she started complaining and telling me that she is not good at all. She wasn’t happy with her new employer and wants to go to another shop. She asked me “why did you have to go?” At this time, I kept all my emotions inside cause I didn’t want to show her my true feeling, but my heart was really broken and I can really feel her regret. I just told her to calm down and that it was the first day in a new job and that everything will get better as soon as you know her better and get adapted to her mood and way of thinking. She told me that she didn’t allow her to go to the bathroom and that this is a ” Ma yeseer thing” meaning “you can’t do this”. What the hell? Where is the Human Rights? I can’t believe it!
I told her to go to the office and ask to work in another shop instead and she said that she will do this the following day.

I really wish you good luck Elma.


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