Unexpected Visitor and Ooops No time to cook

My husband called me at 1:00 pm telling me that his friend is coming with him after work to have lunch with us. What a shock! I only have two hours to cook and prepare everything. My maid is on Christmas vacation and I am all alone and not prepared. I went directly to the kitchen, opened the freezer and took out all that can be defrosted quickly. Thank God I found Roast Beef that was already cooked and only wanted to go into the oven and I took out some frozen minced meet that will be lovely with spagetti and I have already marinated chicken breasts to do them for today’s lunch as Chicken Panee; the best meal for my kids. I quickly made some salad, baked cup cakes with chocolate chips, did some easy snacks and I also found Mombar as well as Rokak (Egyptian Meal) in the freezer. So I guess this was kind of easy. Now I have to tidy up a little bit before they arrive. My son is playing with a friend of his in the hall and I want them to move out so that I can clean up a little bit. My daughter did that job for me and she called them in her room as if she wanted to play with them. It is almost 3:30 and I haven’t taken a shower yet, so I rushed inside my room took a quick shower, dressed and headed to the kitchen to fry the french fries and panee and here they come with a smile on their faces. Mission was accomplished in the end.



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2 responses to “Unexpected Visitor and Ooops No time to cook

  1. I hate it when that happens- we have a small family and I only believe in cooking enough for us- don’t like wastage…. but this Kuwaiti habit of bringing the world home for lunch without warning……arghhhhhhhh!!!!


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